Last month, Apple revealed its plans to upgrade Siri and iOS with its own AI or Apple Intelligence. However, some AI features will be available to iPhone users running iOS 18 in late 2024, while others won’t be ready until 2025. It seems like Siri’s major upgrade falls into the latter group.

Apple to roll out the big Siri upgrade next spring

Tech journalist Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, known for his reliable insights, suggested that some new Siri features could enter developer beta testing by January next year and become publicly available around springtime as part of the upcoming iOS 18.4 release currently under development.

Which are these features, you may wonder? Well, for example, Siri’s enhanced capability to precisely control actions within Apple’s apps. This means you could ask Siri to edit a photo and send it to a friend. Another feature is its ability to recognize on-screen content, enabling Siri to anticipate your actions based on context.

Meanwhile, other Siri features, like a redesigned interface and integration with ChatGPT, are expected to arrive later this year.

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I think it was high time for Apple to revamp its digital assistant, especially with the rise of chatbots like Gemini and ChatGPT, which are gaining attention for their capabilities and conversational flair.

Siri’s enhanced capabilities are set to be a standout feature of the Apple Intelligence rollout. The latter will be accessible on the latest iPhone 15 Pro models and newer, as well as on iPads and MacBooks equipped with the M1 chipset or later. Apple Intelligence will also make its way to the Vision Pro, though not until next year.

As for other Apple devices like the HomePod, users will have to wait. According to Gurman, they will need to hold out until the company launches its AI-powered tabletop robot, which has been the subject of reports for quite some time now.

The idea behind this device is to simulate head movements and zoom in on individuals within a group, potentially improving video call interactions. Reportedly, Apple plans for these robots to operate autonomously and explores navigation algorithms to achieve this.

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