iOS 18 Beta 1

The release of iOS 18 Beta 1 marks an exciting milestone for Apple enthusiasts and developers alike. After nearly a week of hands-on experience, users have reported notable improvements in performance and stability compared to previous beta versions, such as iOS 16 and iOS 17 Beta 1. However, the journey is far from over, as several bugs and battery life concerns persist. The video below from iDeviceHelp gives us more details on the bugs in the current beta of iOS 18 and also the battery life.

When it comes to performance, iOS 18 Beta 1 showcases a significant step forward. The overall system stability has seen a marked enhancement, with fewer instances of system-wide freezes and smoother transitions between applications. While some apps still encounter crashes, the general user experience is more fluid and responsive than its predecessors.

Despite these improvements, Apple’s native apps face their fair share of challenges. The Photos app, for instance, has been reported to freeze and crash during scrolling and editing tasks, hindering users’ ability to manage their precious memories seamlessly. Similarly, Apple Music struggles with stability when connecting to Bluetooth devices, leading to unexpected interruptions in the listening experience. The Notes app is not immune to these issues either, with frequent crashes that can disrupt productivity.

  • Safari, Apple’s default web browser, encounters its own set of hurdles, particularly with the dictation feature crashing and causing the entire app to freeze.
  • Third-party applications generally fare better, but they are not entirely problem-free. Some apps face permissions issues, especially when accessing photos, while financial applications have been reported to freeze occasionally.

Battery Life and Overheating Concerns

One of the most crucial aspects of any mobile operating system is battery life, and iOS 18 Beta 1 shows improvement over previous first betas. However, there is still room for optimization. Users have reported random shutdowns when the battery level reaches around 17%, causing inconvenience and potential data loss. Furthermore, overheating during charging has emerged as a concern, leading to intermittent pauses in the charging process.

The home screen in iOS 18 Beta 1 introduces a fresh set of bugs. The App Store icon, for example, fails to change color in dark mode, disrupting the visual consistency. Resizing widgets can also be problematic, with app icons occasionally getting stuck in the process. Moreover, users have noticed the dock appearing in the wrong location, affecting the overall home screen layout.

Control Center: A New Feature with Growing Pains

iOS 18 Beta 1 introduces an exciting addition to the **Control Center** – a multi-page feature with resizing options. While this enhancement holds great potential, it is not without its share of bugs. Users have encountered the creation of blank pages when resizing widgets, and deleting these unwanted pages can prove to be a challenge.

  • Despite the presence of bugs and battery life concerns, iOS 18 Beta 1 demonstrates a notable improvement in stability compared to previous beta versions.
  • Users are actively encouraged to submit bug reports to Apple, as their feedback plays a crucial role in refining and enhancing the software.

As the journey of iOS 18 continues, it is essential to acknowledge that beta versions are inherently a work in progress. While the current state of iOS 18 Beta 1 may have its flaws, it represents a significant step forward in terms of performance and stability. With each iteration and update, Apple aims to address the reported issues and deliver a polished, feature-rich operating system that exceeds user expectations.

The road ahead is filled with excitement and anticipation, as developers and enthusiasts eagerly await the subsequent beta releases. As Apple fine-tunes iOS 18, users can look forward to a more refined, stable, and intuitive experience on their beloved devices. The future of iOS is bright, and iOS 18 Beta 1 serves as a promising glimpse into what lies ahead.

Source & Image Credit: iDeviceHelp

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