Last year, we all got the news that Apple was going to implement RCS messaging into iOS 18, and that day has finally come. So, iPhone users can enjoy all of the benefits that this technology brings. Well, not really… According to a new report, Apple’s RCS is lacking in some departments.

In case you’re wondering, iOS users are able to try out RCS and other new features by using the iOS 18 developer beta. We have a guide on how to sign up for beta. You’ll be able to if you’re using a phone as old as the iPhone XR/XS. Be sure to give it a try if you’re looking to see what’s new with iOS.

When we got the news that Apple was actually bringing RCS technology to iOS, it was too good to be true. The company stubbornly rejected the technology despite pressure from Google and other entities. At the height of this, the company spontaneously announced that it was going to bring it with iOS 18.

Now that people have their hands on the software, they’re finding that there are some features missing. Apple is using the RCS Universal Profile. This seems to be a lower standard of RCS than what users get with Android. As such, there’s no end-to-end encryption. One of the main benefits of using RCS is the enhanced security, and Apple just negated that.

Next, other features like read receipts and message reactions are also absent. These are some of the lifestyle features that would make messaging between iOS and Android much more fun. However, it seems that Apple is more intent on doing the bare minimum just to satisfy the entities poking and prodding it.

For example, Android users who message iPhone users still have green bubbles. Getting green bubbles isn’t the annoying part; the annoying part is the fact that Apple is so obsessed with creating this divide and exclusivity that it can’t swallow its pride on this one thing. One of its arguments against RCS was security, yet it brought an RCS technology that makes messaging with Android users less secure.

We’ll have to see if Apple will bring some changes in the future.

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