iPad dominates tablet market as Mac gains on PC
iPad sales declined overall, but Apple’s tablet pretty much owns the market.
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Consumer and business computer spending data for 2024’s first quarter shows iPad maintaining dominance in tablet sales, while Mac shipments show significant growth in the PC sector, according to a new report.

And in even better news, the analysts expect to see computer market growth through 2025.

Apple shows iPad market dominance and improving Mac sales

The overall PC market, excluding tablets, saw a 5% year-over-year increase in shipments in Q1 2024, a report by Canalys shows. The consumer and small business segment saw an even stronger 9% growth. (Note: This refers to the first quarter of 2024 compared to last year. However, Q1 on the calendar is actually Apple’s Q2, because it counts the holiday season as its Q1 of the following year.)

Macs gain ground

In the desktop and notebook computer market category, Apple achieved an impressive 22% annual growth, second only to Lenovo’s 22.4%, and only slightly behind it. That performance boosted Apple’s market share to 14.2%, with approximately 2,102,000 Macs shipped compared to 1,723,000 in Q1 2023.

The tablet market presented a mixed picture. While Apple experienced an 8.8% annual decline in iPad shipments, it outperformed most competitors. Samsung was the only tablet vendor to see growth at 2%, while others faced steeper declines. Amazon’s tablet shipments fell by 21.5%, and Microsoft’s dropped by 30.1%.

iPad owns tablet market

Canalys PC and tablet market reports Q1 2024
Despite a decline in sales, iPad maintained dominance in the tablet market. Others had bigger losses than Apple.
Photo: Canalys

Despite the overall decline in iPad shipments cited above, Apple shipped 4,928,000 iPads. That helped the iPhone giant maintain a commanding 50.8% market share in tablets. And that actually surpasses the combined share of the next four tablet vendors. Samsung follows with 18.5% of the market, while Amazon sits at 16.5%. Microsoft holds a 2.7% market share, behind TCL’s 4%.

It’s worth noting that Apple dominates the tablet market despite not releasing new iPad models in either Q1 2023 or Q1 2024. Its latest iPad Pro and iPad Air launched in May 2024.

More growth expected

Canalys projects continued growth into 2025, citing the end of Windows 10 support and the integration of AI features in both PCs and Macs as key drivers. It sees total PC shipments to the US hitting 69 million units in 2024 and then growing another 8% to 75 million units in 2025.

“Macroeconomic conditions in the US have been stable for several months, allowing for healthier consumer spending and business investment in IT,” said Canalys analyst Greg Davis. “With a significant portion of the PC installed base still on Windows 10, the next four quarters are expected to bring even stronger momentum to the refresh cycle. This timing also coincides with greater availability of on-device AI capabilities in the market, with new products and user experiences set to excite consumers and businesses across both the Windows and Apple ecosystems.”

“The US is forecasted to be a leader in the adoption of AI-capable PCs as vendors and their partners prioritize go-to-market efforts to capitalize on the significant opportunity to upgrade customers to premium devices,” he added.

This report contrasts with Canalys’ earlier prediction of a challenging first quarter for Apple in the Chinese market, highlighting regional variations in the tech giant’s performance.

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