iPad Mini 6 experiencing charging issue with iPadOS 15.5

iPad Mini 6 experiencing charging issue with iPadOS 15.5

July 8, 2022 0 By By Trevor Mogg

Some owners of the iPad Mini 6 are experiencing a charging issue with the device after updating it to iPadOS 15.5.

Apple is investigating the problem and has sent a memo about it to authorized service providers, according to MacRumors.

The memo tells service providers and retail staff to ask affected owners to restart the device, which should then enable the charging process to work. However, it seems that this is only a temporary fix as customers have said that following a restart it soon stops charging again.

Apple hasn’t made any public announcement about why the iPad Mini 6 is experiencing charging issues linked to iPadOS 15.5, though the memo reportedly suggests that the problem is linked to software rather than hardware.

As noted by MacRumors, Apple is now beta testing iPadOS 15.6, which could solve the issue when it’s rolled out to owners of the device.

The company released iPadOS 15.5 in mid-May. Since then, some customers have been posting on Apple forums about the charging issue.

“Today it would not charge,” one wrote. “I tried multiple cables and chargers (all Apple). Finally I did a reboot (two buttons, swipe to shut down, etc,). After rebooting, it started charging. All appears OK for now — just wondering if others have had this happen. All software is up to date.”

Another said: “Does not charge, it will start to charge, then stop charging. Multiple outlets, cables and bricks used. I’ve done  two factory resets/restore and multiple ‘normal’ shut down/resets. This solution lasts about three days, then the iPad will no longer charge again until I factory reset or soft reset.”

So to be clear, if you’re experiencing the same issue, try restarting the tablet. Doing so should give you a chance to get some juice into the iPad before the problem reoccurs. In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for any software updates, including iPadOS 15.6, which could fix the issue.

Apple released the iPad Mini 6 in September 2021. Check out Digital Trends’ review of the device.

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