iPhone 14 Pro has the processing power for great gaming.
If you waited to order an iPhone 14 Pro until now, you’ll have to be patient for weeks before receiving it.

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If a coworker came in today with a new iPhone 14 Pro, you may have decided you just have to have one. Bad news: the wait is a month or more before it can be delivered.

There’s much better news for anyone interested in the more basic iPhone 14.

iPhone 14 Pro wait times stretch out to late October

The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max were announced September 7 and went up for pre-order shorty afterward. They offer an always-on screen and the Dynamic Island in place of the screen notch, as well as a 64MB camera.

Those who quickly put in an order started receiving the handsets on Sept. 19, the day they reached store shelves. But early demand for Apple latest top-tier smartphones has overwhelmed the supply. Anyone who waited until now to order either of the 2022 Pro models is looking at a wait that’ll last until mid October at least.

A check of Apple’s U.S. online store shows that a 6.1-inch iPhone 14 Pro in any color or storage capacity ordered September 19 won’t arrive before the week of October 18, which means the delivery could be as late as Oct. 25.

The wait is even longer for the 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Pro Max. No matter the color or storage capacity, a handset ordered now from the Apple store won’t arrive before October 25, and it could be as late as November 1.

No waiting for the standard iPhone 14

The basic 6.1-inch iPhone 14 is only a modest upgrade of its immediate predecessor, and that reportedly has resulted in tepid demand. The result is that a preorder placed on Apple’s website at the time of this writing will arrive the next day. It’s also available in many Apple retail stores for same-day pickup.

Demand for the iPhone 14 Pro models is so much stronger than the standard version that Apple asked Foxconn to switch production from the basic version to the Pro ones, according to a tweet from Ming-Chi Kuo, a respected analyst from TF International Securities.

As for the fourth model in new new series, Apple built some extra wait time into the iPhone 14 Plus launch. The 6.7-inch non-Pro model won’t start reaching customers until October 7. And a unit ordered today in any color or storage capacity will still arrive on that date. There’s no additional wait.

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