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  • A rumor claims the iPhone 15 could have a charging speed of up to 35W.
  • The rumor suggests that only some of the 15 series models will get this faster charging speed.
  • If true, the iPhone 15 could have an 8W faster charging speed compared to the Pixel 8 Pro.

By now, we’ve heard plenty of rumors about the iPhone 15, and more are sure to come before the phone launches. But the most recent rumor appears to back up earlier reports of the next iPhone having faster charging speeds.

According to 9to5Mac‘s industry sources, some models of the iPhone 15 will sport charging speeds of up to 35W. This would be 8W faster than the peak charging speed of the iPhone 14 Pro Max and 15W faster than the base model.

If this is true, it’s likely this increased charging speed would be reserved for the Pro models. In contrast, the standard model and Plus would be relegated to something slower.

An earlier, shaky rumor suggested that the iPhone 15 series could have a wired charging speed of 40W. But this rumor claims that won’t be the case. Even if it did have 40W charging, it would still be outdone by the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 45W charging speed.

While it won’t beat the Galaxy S23 Ultra in a charging race, it would beat the upcoming Google Pixel 8 series. According to our own leaked information, the Pixel 8 Pro is expected to have 27W wired charging, putting it in the same area as the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

But fast charging isn’t everything. The faster a battery charges, the more heat is generated, which can hurt the longevity of a battery. However, it wouldn’t hurt if it could charge just a little faster.

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