iPhone 15 Pro Max sales | Close-up of camera lens on last year's model

iPhone 15 Pro Max sales will account for 40% of all purchases of this year’s models, according to a prediction by market intelligence company TrendForce.

It says that the periscope lens unique to the top-tier model will be enough to drive consumer demand, despite a potential $100 price increase over last year’s Pro Max …

TrendForce forecasts a successful launch for the iPhone 15 line-up as whole, anticipating 80M units, which would be 6% up on the iPhone 14 range. It should be noted, however, that iPhone 14 Pro supply was heavily constrained, with some early orders still being filled into the early part of 2023.

The firm expects a continuation of last year’s trend of the Pro models proving more popular than the base and Plus models. Overall, it expects the two Pro models to comprise 60% of sales this year, with the Pro Max accounting for 40%.

In other words, for every 10 iPhone 15 models sold, four of them would be the Pro Max, two of them would be the Pro, and the remaining four would be split between the entry and Plus variants.

If the iPhone 15 Pro Max does indeed prove twice as popular as the iPhone Pro, that would be excellent news for Apple, generating an impressive average price.

The company says that Apple has experienced production difficulties with this year’s line-up, referencing low yield rates with the 48MP sensors, and problems with the titanium-aluminum alloy frame.

However, it says Apple suppliers are working through these, and issues with the Pro models are likely to be “swiftly” resolved.

Photo: TheRegisti/Unsplash

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iPhone 15 Pro Max sales will account for 40% of this year’s purchases – TrendForce

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