The iPhone Pro models have used stainless steel frames for years, but this year will mark the departure from that premium material in favor of titanium, which has been used in the Apple Watch Ultra and even in some previous Edition models. The biggest benefit of using titanium will be reducing the overall weight of both of the flagship iPhone models.

As we’re getting closer to the annual media event, we’re getting even more details on the finishes that the Pro models will bring. First of all, the gold finish has been made available on the Pro models since Apple started using the “Pro” moniker in September 2019 with the iPhone 11 Pro. Even the iPhone XS that came before that offered a gold option. However, starting next month, Apple will finally ditch the classic gold finish in favor of a new gray option that will be between the brighter silver/white finish and the darker space black/graphite finish. This could be a natural brushed titanium finish that was previously used on the older Apple Watch Edition models. Here’s what the new finish could look like based on the render from 9to5Mac.

iPhone 15 Pro to Ditch Gold and Deep Purple Steel Finishes in Favor of Gray and Blue Titanium FinishesImage: 9to5Mac

Secondly, Apple has always offered a special color of the year for its Pro models:

  • iPhone 11 Pro: Midnight Green
  • iPhone 12 Pro: Pacific Blue
  • iPhone 13 Pro: Sierra Blue (an additional Alpine Green finish was released the following spring)
  • iPhone 14 Pro: Deep Purple

Now, contrary to previous rumors that the iPhone 15 Pro would come in a “crimson red” finish, 9to5Mac reports that the iPhone 15 Pro will come in a new dark blue finish in addition to the classic silver, space black, and brushed titanium.

While the Pro models have always offered more subtle color options, we can expect the standard iPhone 15 models to come in a whole new palette of colors. Those colors could include white, black, pink, yellow, green, and blue,

We’ll get the final details on what the color options will be for all of the upcoming iPhone 15 models when Apple introduces them. Make sure to follow us on @Appleosophy to hear even more stories on the upcoming products.

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