Another feature that could arrive with the upcoming iPhone 15 series is 15W fast charging for any third-party accessory. Currently, Apple requires third-party makers to have an MFM (Made for Magsafe) wireless charger to do that. Otherwise, the iPhone can only charge at up to 7.5W wirelessly.

The information comes from the Korean Naver blog user yeux1122. They published that the iPhone 15 series could be capable of “open 15W wireless fast charging even if it is not a certified wireless charger.”

It’s important to note that, this time, user yeux1122 took this information from a Weibo post, which BGR couldn’t verify its accuracy or leak track record. That said, the Weibo post explains that ever since iPhone 8, Apple has offered the 7.5W Qi protocol wireless charging, while the iPhone 12 and later use “MagSafe magnetic suction technology to achieve 15W wireless charging.”

But with the iPhone 15 series, Apple plans to allow users to enjoy fast charging without choosing a certified wireless charger. To corroborate this rumor, ChargerLab heard from industry sources that this would be possible thanks to the iPhone 15 being compatible with the Qi2 standard, in addition to its own MagSafe protocol.

The publication says Apple has yet to confirm how fast the new iPhones can get while fast-charging wirelessly, but this new standard could help iPhone users save a few bucks when opting for a new wireless charger, as more options would be available.

If that is accurate, it will be interesting that the company is opening up the wireless fast charger technology. At the same time, the Cupertino firm is said to be limiting cabled fast charging to Made for iPhone USB-C accessories.

Rumors so far believe Apple will ditch the Lightning port of the current iPhones to USB-C with the iPhone 15. At the moment, it’s possible that the regular models will get an old port while the Pro iPhone models will get the fastest data transfer via USB-C possible.

We’re still four months away from Apple unveiling these new phones. Until there, BGR will keep reporting everything we know about the new series, including the latest reports and rumors.

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iPhone 15 rumored to support faster wireless charging with third-party accessories

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