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We’re three weeks out from when we expect Apple to officially announce the iPhone 15 line, and that’s plenty of time for a new round of rumors to come to life.

Apple will replace the Lightning charging port with USB-C starting with the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max. USB-C first made its way to Apple hardware on the Retina MacBook in 2015. Now USB-C is on every Mac and new iPad.

New iPhones have used USB-C charging on the power adapter end for years now. Starting with the iPhone 15 line, Apple will wind down a decade of Lightning charging on the device end. Blame (or credit) the EU.

New over the weekend is a purported leak claiming to show USB-C to USB-C charging cables that will presumably ship with the iPhone 15 line. Unlike previous charging cables included in the box, these iPhone USB-C cables will be braided and color-matched.

Apple already includes braided charging cables with Mac accessories and Apple Watch Ultra, and MacBook Air even uses color-matched braided cables. Signs point to the iPhone 15 line joining the party. Citing Kosutami, MacRumors contributes the color-matched details: white, black, yellow, purple, and orange (pink?), plus versions for the Pro models.

Apple bundling braided cables with the new phones isn’t hard to believe. At this point, we’re just happy that the cable still comes in the box and not sold separately.

iPhone 15 rumors: ‘Ultra’ name potential, braided USB-C cables – 9to5Mac
Millions of dollars worth of USB-C cables, probably

As if charging cable materials aren’t exciting enough, another iPhone 15 rumor caught our attention this weekend. Remember the rumor that Apple will make an iPhone Ultra? Andrew O’Hara has heard that the iPhone 15 Pro Max might actually be the iPhone 15 Ultra. He’s 80% certain, which is more certain than I am about what day of the week it is.

Ultra is cleaner than Pro Max, and what’s more Ultra than titanium Action buttoned hardware with braided charging cables? On the other hand, iPhone 15 Pro is just as Ultra by that measure. The earlier rumor is that Apple will use iPhone Ultra to market a model that’s higher end than the highest end iPhone Pro Max as soon as next year.

If this all seems ultra confusing, rest assured that this will all be settled on September 12. That’s when Apple is expected to hold the iPhone 15 and Apple Watch Series 9/Ultra 2 event. We expect Apple to announce the event date between August 29 and September 5.

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iPhone 15 rumors: ‘Ultra’ name potential, braided USB-C cables – 9to5Mac

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