We’re just one week away from the iPhone 15 announcement, but another reason to hold off for the iPhone 16 has appeared, and it’s all about the display.

Reported by The Elec, Samsung Display is providing a significant upgrade to the iPhone’s panel next year with Micro Lens Array (MLA) technology, which brings improved brightness and power efficiency.

Micro tech, mega impact

MLA OLED display

(Image credit: LG)

What is an MLA panel? Good question! Essentially, it is a new layer in the display stack that is formed from billions of lenses. This vastly reduces the amount of internal reflections to develop a clearer, brighter picture without needing to increase the brightness of the pixels themselves. 

It also narrows the viewing angle too, as it reduces the luminance of light on the sides. That’s a big perk for more private viewing in public spaces, but something to look out for if you’re looking at pictures of dogs with your significant other.

One downside is that MLA tech is a fair bit costlier than the current OLED stack. Apple will make a final decision on it, but given we’re already hearing rumors of price increases, it wouldn’t surprise me if Cupertino decides to opt for it and lump the final cost on consumers.


I know I’m hamming up the drama here. Samsung Display has made OLED panels for Apple’s smartphones ever since the iPhone X. But this MLA technology is going to be huge for the brightness and power efficiency capabilities.

Reducing the internal reflections and sharpening the direction of light is going to reduce brightness demands, elongate that stamina, and produce a sharper image. Is this enough of a reason to skip the iPhone 15? Not really on its own, but several other reasons why you should consider it.

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