Apple just launched the iPhone 15, but we’re already hearing rumors about the upcoming iPhone 16, specifically what its screen might look like.

According to tipster Majin Bu, Apple is testing a version of the phone that will replace the Dynamic Island at the top of the device with a hole-punch design. Bu posted a redesign of the potential change on Twitter/X, which was spotted this week by Phone Arena.

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Bu’s thoughts are a bit different than what some analysts think Apple has in store for the device. Phone Arena notes that Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), says the entire iPhone 16 lineup will include the Dynamic Island and that the largest change to the next generation of the popular phone will come in the form of the size of the display, which is expected to be larger across the product line.

Bu notes even in his rendering that it may be the iPhone 17 before we’ll see the hole-punch design, which is at least two years away, so anything can happen.

Beyond discussion of the phone’s display, we’ve already heard quite a few rumors about the upcoming iPhone 16. Specifically, both Pro Models of the device are thought to be getting a tetraprism zoom lens, similar to that found on the iPhone Pro Max, and an Apple-made A18 chip. Apple is also thought to be announcing an iPhone 16 Ultra device as a top-tier replacement for the iPhone Pro Max. The device also might not replace the Max in the lineup and instead will be a new higher-end tier of device added to the product lineup.

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The iPhone 16 likely won’t be announced until September 2024.

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