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iPhone dominated Q3 in Southeast Asia, and in China’s online sales

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iPhone dominated | iPhone 14 Pro Max

Two new market intelligence reports show that the iPhone dominated in both Southeast Asia and in China’s latest online shopping festival.

Both reports indicate a fall in overall smartphone shipments and revenue, but show the iPhone substantially outperforming the market …

It’s a now-familiar tale. The impact of rising energy prices and high inflation is reducing consumer spending on discretionary items like new smartphones, seeing overall sales fall – but iPhone sales continue to perform significantly better than the market as a whole.

Market intelligence firm Counterpoint put together estimates for key markets in Southeast Asia, which is to say Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam. It showed that total smartphone shipments fell by 10% last quarter, but premium models grew 29% – and iPhone shipments were up 63%.

Premium smartphone (priced more than $400) shipments in the key Southeast Asian markets* increased 29% YoY in Q3 2022, according to Counterpoint Research’s Southeast Asia Monthly Smartphone Channel Share Tracker. On the other hand, total smartphone shipments declined 10% YoY during the quarter. Southeast Asia is still facing macroeconomic headwinds. This has resulted in weak business and consumer sentiments […]

There were some brand-level hits and misses too in Q3 2022. While Samsung shipments fell 13% YoY, Apple’s shipments were up 63% YoY across all the key countries.

It was a similar story in China’s latest online shopping festival, 11/11, according to data from Strategy Analytics. Overall sales were down 35% year-on-year. iPhone sales fell too, but fared better than the market as a whole at 27% down.

When it came to revenue rather than unit sales, the iPhone dominated by a huge margin.

According to new research from Strategy Analytics, 9.0 million units of smartphones were sold during 11.11 online shopping festival in China this year, down -35% YoY. Apple solidified the leadership at the expense of Chinese brands. Xiaomi and Honor follow and rank in the top three list by volume share […]

We estimate Apple generated revenue of 25.1 billion CNY (US$ 3.5 billion), with the full retail price of 7,150+ CNY (1000+ USD). Apple ranked top by volume share (39%) and revenue share (68%) at the expenses of Chinese brands.

iPhone 14 series and iPhone 13 were on the top selling model list and dominated premier segment. 

Previous reports indicate that part of the explanation for Apple doing so well in China is that the company is being unusually generous with discounts. The company has traditionally always sold iPhones at full price through its own online and retail stores, while quietly offering discounts via third-party resellers.

Reports suggest that Apple has been increasing these trade discounts, which is given credence by the fact that the Cupertino company began offering discounts on its own Chinese website back in July.

All the same, the latest numbers are impressive, especially when you consider that Pro models are constrained by production disruption at present. More than a month out from Christmas, it may already be too late to order an iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max as a gift.

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iPhone dominated Q3 in Southeast Asia, and in China’s online sales

iPhone dominated Q3 in Southeast Asia, and in China’s online salesiPhone dominated Q3 in Southeast Asia, and in China’s online sales

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