The new Apple Pencil charges with USB-C

New Apple Pencil (USB-C) is now available at the Apple Store

Apple’s lower-cost third Apple Pencil has now gone on sale, giving the range a USB-C charging option.

Apple announced its third generation Apple Pencil in October 2023, and it can now be bought for $79. While it’s Apple’s third Pencil, it actually fits roughly in the middle of the range, with the lowest cost of the Pencils, and missing some features, but with USB-C charging.

Apple Pencil (USB-C) lacks pressure sensitivity, which is a key feature of both of the other two models. However, it does include Hover support on the iPad Pro, a feature that lets users preview where their Pencil will make a mark.

That was previously exclusive to the second generation Apple Pencil.

Also like that second generation model, the new Apple Pencil (USB-C) can be snapped magnetically to the side of an iPad Pro for storage. However, unlike the older model, the new Pencil cannot be charged wirelessly while attached to the side like this.

Instead, the cap of the Apple Pencil now opens up to reveal a USB-C port for charging. No USB-C cable is included, though.

Where to buy Apple Pencil

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