If you’ve been patiently waiting for Apple to update its iMac line, we have some good news. According to a recent report from Bloomberg, next-gen iMacs recently reached “an advanced stage of development called engineering validation testing,” also known as EVT.

As a quick primer, the EVT stage is one step below the Design Validation Test stage (DVT). When the DVT stage is reached, it means that the precise design and exact features are firmly in place. In other words, the next-gen iMac is steadily making its way through the development process.

iMac 2023 specs

Apple typically takes its time between iMac upgrades, which can sometimes be frustrating. The upside, however, is that when Apple does release an updated iMac, it’s usually a compelling upgrade.

That said, Bloomberg relays that Apple’s new iMacs will likely boast a brand new M3 processor based on TSMC’s 3nm process. The current iMac model, if you recall, was originally released in April of 2021 with an M1 processor.

Apple’s hardware iterations with its M series processors have been nothing short of astounding. It therefore stands to reason that Apple’s upcoming M3 iMac will boast significant performance improvements across the board. Suffice it to say, it’s going to be a speed demon.

Design-wise, the new iMacs will boast the same 24-inch displays as the current models. Recall that Apple did away with the 21.5-inch iMac when it updated the product line nearly two years ago.

iMac release date and price

If all goes according to plan, Apple’s new iMacs will arrive later this year. A launch window this fall is a good bet but not a guarantee. Apple would certainly prefer to release new iMacs before the busy holiday shopping season, but delays for new Apple products have unfortunately become somewhat common in recent years.

Incidentally, a previous Bloomberg report from a few weeks ago relayed that a late 2023 launch window is actually a best-case scenario. In other words, there’s a chance we might see the M3 iMac release pushed back to early 2024.

Price-wise, it stands to reason that the entry-level $1,299 sticker price will remain unchanged. Unless we see a significant redesign, which doesn’t appear to be in the cards, there’s no reason to assume Apple will lower or raise the price.

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Next-gen iMac with M3 processor is on the way

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Next-gen iMac with M3 processor is on the way

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Next-gen iMac with M3 processor is on the wayNext-gen iMac with M3 processor is on the way

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