‘Oceanic+’ deep dive tracker now available for Apple Watch Ultra users


When Apple announced Apple Watch Ultra in September, the company also showed how it can be used to track deep dives thanks to advanced new sensors. During the keynote, the company also promoted a third-party app named Oceanic+, which shows detailed dive data. Now this app is finally available for Apple Watch Ultra users.

Apple partners with Oceanic+ to track dive data with Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra customers can already use Apple’s Depth app to record depth and measure water temperature, but Oceanic+ takes deep dive tracking features even further. The app runs the Bühlmann decompression algorithm and includes dive planning, easy-to-read dive metrics, visual and haptic alerts, no-decompression limit, ascent rate, and safety stop guidance.

Here’s how Apple describes the app and the partnership with Huish Outdoors, the developers of Oceanic+:

Today, the Oceanic+ app comes to Apple Watch Ultra, turning Apple’s most rugged watch into a fully capable, easy-to-use dive computer. Designed by Huish Outdoors in collaboration with Apple, Oceanic+ enables recreational scuba divers to take the watch they wear every day to previously unreachable depths — up to 40 meters, or 130 feet, to be exact — with the all-new depth gauge and water temperature sensors on Apple Watch Ultra.

According to Apple, the new Apple Watch Ultra combined with Oceanic+ is capable of providing advanced dive data in a more intuitive way. As a result, divers can stay focused on their environment without having to do mental calculations or even deal with super-complex dive computers.

It’s worth noting that the Apple Watch Ultra is certified to WR100 and EN 13319, an internationally recognized standard for dive accessories, including depth gauges. The company also points out that the titanium structure combined with the sapphire crystal-covered display of the Apple Watch Ultra also make it the perfect companion for deep diving.

The Oceanic+ app for Apple Watch Ultra is available for download today on the App Store. It requires Apple Watch Ultra running watchOS 9.1 paired with iPhone 8 or later, and iPhone SE (2nd generation) or later running running iOS 16.1. The basic plan is free, and includes many common dive functions, including depth and time, as well as logging most recent dives. 

However, some of the features require a monthly subscription of $9,99, or annually for $79,99. Family Sharing is also available for $129 (US) annually, allowing access for up to five people.

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‘Oceanic+’ deep dive tracker now available for Apple Watch Ultra users

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‘Oceanic+’ deep dive tracker now available for Apple Watch Ultra users

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‘Oceanic+’ deep dive tracker now available for Apple Watch Ultra users

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