Apple can now replace internal battery of iPad mini 6 rather than the entire device

Apple is widely expected to unveil all-new iPad Pro models sometime in early 2024, with one of the headlining changes being a switch to OLED displays. A new report today says that the iPad Air and iPad mini could also switch to OLED displays, but not until further down the road.

Research firm Omdia published an in-depth report on Apple’s “iPad purchasing plan and forecast,” delving into Apple’s supply chain investments over the last year and into the future. The report highlights that while iPad Pro orders are declining, the base model iPad and the iPad Air have been “more resistant to the market recession” this year.

The report corroborates other sources, such as Bloomberg, and says that Apple could finally launch a new iPad Pro lineup with OLED displays in 2024. The report says the display sizes would come in at 11 inches and 12.9 inches, with panels supplied by LG Display and Samsung.

“Apple is targeting a total of 10 million units of OLED iPad panels for 2024,” the report says. LG Display is expected to supply around six million units across both sizes, while Samsung will supply four million units just for the 11-inch iPad Pro.

Looking further in the future, Omdia says that Apple is “continuously discussing the possibility of widely adopting OLED technology for the iPad mini and iPad Air.” The report clarifies, however, that this change wouldn’t happen until 2026 at the earliest.

“Apple may review the market feedback and sales results of the OLED iPad Pro to adjust its OLED iPad mini and iPad Air launch schedule,” Omdia explains. “It also seeks more display supply chain partners to join its OLED iPad panel supplier list.”

Ahead of the new iPad Pro lineup next year, 9to5Mac recently reported that Apple is also imminently planning to unveil a new iPad Air and iPad mini. These updates, however, will likely retain the current LCD displays and instead focus primarily on performance upgrades.

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OLED iPad Air and iPad mini in the works, but don’t expect them anytime soon – 9to5Mac

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