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As legislation in the European Union looms, Apple is reportedly developing a new technology that would make iPhone batteries more replaceable. As reported by The Information, Apple is investigating using a new “electrically induced adhesive debonding” technology for battery replacements.

Currently, replacing an iPhone battery requires using tweezers to remove the existing battery, which is held in place by adhesive strips. Then, you must use a “specialized machine and tray” to press the new battery into place.

The new process uses metal instead of foil to cover the battery, as The Information explains:

The new technology—known as electrically induced adhesive debonding—involves encasing the battery in metal, rather than foil as it is currently. That would allow people to dislodge the battery from the chassis by administering a small jolt of electricity to the battery, the people said.

Consumers still have to pry open the iPhone themselves, which is not an easy process because of the adhesives and screws that keep the iPhone’s screen sealed in place.

Even with this change, however, Apple will still recommend that iPhone users visit a professional to replace their battery.

If Apple’s development of this new bonding technology goes according to plan, it could debut it with at least one iPhone 16 model this year. According to the report, it would then expand to all versions of the iPhone 17 next year.

“I’d love to see Apple innovate toward improved repairability,” said Kyle Wiens, CEO of iFixit, a gadget repair website. “Glue is the bane of modern device repair, and any strategies that help reverse adhesives are welcome.”

Wiens said applying a voltage to release the iPhone battery is a promising approach, as direct current power supplies—typically used for electronics testing and charging—are widely available for purchase.

Previous reporting has detailed Apple’s plans to adapt iPhone battery technology over the next several years. In May, Ming-Chi Kuo reported that the iPhone 16 Pro’s battery will have a metal casing for the first time. The Information says this would be a “prerequisite” for the new bonding process to work.

The EU legislation could require Apple to make iPhone batteries user-replaceable by 2025, though a number of carveouts could ultimately determine whether Apple is affected by the rules.

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Report: Apple developing new way to make iPhone batteries easier to replace – 9to5Mac

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