Satellite features on iPhone 15

Roadside Assistance via Satellite provides more help for iPhone 15 users

The all-new iPhone 15 has expanded satellite safety features, providing aid when you need roadside assistance when first responders aren’t necessary.

Apple highlighted the importance of Emergency SOS via Satellite during its Wonderlust iPhone 15 event, showcasing users who were rescued thanks to the new service. Now, it’s bringing more functionality for when emergency first responders don’t need to be deployed.

It’s called Roadside Assistance via Satellite and it operates in much the same way. You can text Roadside Assistance which will ask you a series of questions to get you aid.

Roadside assistance options

Roadside assistance options

Car lockouts, no fuel or charge, flat tires, car stuck, or vehicle not starting are the options Apple will present during the aid process.

When you’re experiencing a roadside issue, this can help users can the help they need even if cellular connectivity isn’t available.

The service will be included for free for two years with new iPhone 15 purchases. It is also included for AAA members for free.

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