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Studio Display firmware version 17 beta 6 is now available

Apple has issued the sixth Studio Display firmware beta for version 17.

The Studio Display is Apple’s standalone 5K monitor. It runs an A13 processor, which means it gets updates similar to iOS to keep features updated and security issues patched.

To use the sixth beta for version 17, Apple Studio Display owners must be using a Mac that is running the latest beta of macOS Sonoma. Users will then be prompted to install the latest beta for the standalone display.

The contents of the latest Studio Display firmware update are unknown, but it may contain bug fixes, security patches, or performance improvements. Apple will provide full release notes when the software launches to the public alongside macOS Sonoma.

Apple has been issuing beta seeds for Studio Display version 17 alongside the other product betas. The company also just released the seventh developer beta for macOS Sonoma as well.

Studio Display owners who are beta users can update their firmware by heading to System Settings on their Mac. Click on General to see if the beta is available. Installing the update should only take moments and will require a brief restart.

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