Apple chipmaker TSMC will begin a test run of 2nm chips next week. Apple plans to use the 2nm technology for its Apple Silicon chips next year, according to an ET News report.

TSMC will perform the test production run at its Baoshan plant in northern Taiwan. Equipment for 2nm chip production was delivered and installed at the facility in the second quarter of this year. Apple is expected to move its custom silicon to the 2nm process in 2025. The 2nm process allows more transistors to be packed into a smaller space, providing improvements in efficiency and performance.

Apple’s current flagship iPhones, the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max are powered by the 3nm A17 chip. Apple’s M4 chip, which recently debuted in the company’s new iPad Pro, uses an enhanced version of this ‌‌‌3nm‌‌‌ technology.

The transition to 2nm chips is expected to yield projected performance gains of 10 to 15% and power consumption reductions of up to 30% compared to the ‌‌‌3nm‌‌‌ process.

TSMC plans to begin mass production of 2nm chips next year. The company remains the only firm capable of manufacturing 2nm and ‌‌3nm‌‌ chips at the scale and quality Apple requires. Apple booked all of TSMC’s available chipmaking capacity to fabricate 3nm chips and can be expected to repeat that reclusive deal for the 2nm chip production.

(Via MacRumors)

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