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tvOS 16.5 & HomePod 16.5 updates are now available

Apple has issued to the public updates to tvOS 16.5 and HomePod software version 16.5, in what is largely a performance and bug fix release.

The update follows a brief beta-testing period, which consisted of three rounds before the final release to the public. The third of those occurred on April 25.

With the upcoming WWDC 2023 on the horizon, Apple’s updates are expected to be relatively light on features, and more focused on performance improvements and bug fixing.

Apple’s tvOS 16.5 and the HomePod 16.5 update both have build number 20L563.

How to update to the latest releases

Devices update automatically within a day or two, depending on the user’s settings. Those who want to install the update sooner can do so manually.

To manually update the Apple TV, open Settings then select System then Software Updates, followed by Update Software. If an update is available, a message will appear and offer to download the update.

A manual update to the HomePod is also possible, conducted via the Home app.

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tvOS 16.5 & HomePod 16.5 updates are now available

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