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While Apple Intelligence stole the show at WWDC 2024, and will come to iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia later this year (unless you’re in the UK) Apple didn’t forget its other platforms.

tvOS didn’t get a whole host of new features announced for its 18th installment, but some nifty features may just keep you reaching for Apple’s remote over one from a competitor.

Here’s everything coming in tvOS 18, from TV app improvements to new projector aspect ratio support.

tvOS 18: New features

TV app improvements

Apple TV InSight

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Not to be confused with Apple TV the device or Apple TV Plus the service, the TV app is getting some fresh new features. 

InSight is Apple’s equivalent to Prime Video’s X-Ray option, letting you check out which actor is in a scene, a blurb about the character they’re playing, and other additional information including where you may have seen them before.

Enhance Dialogue is also getting an improvement, which should make it easier for those with hearing impairments, or simply those that prefer clearer audio, to pick out dialogue amongst action scenes.

Apple says “In addition to HomePod speakers, users can now enjoy Enhance Dialogue when listening through built-in TV or HDMI-connected speakers, AirPods, and other Bluetooth-connected devices, and when playing supported content on iPhone and iPad.”

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Subtitles will be switched on automatically if you mute the video, while rewinding will also add them so you can catch up on anything you’ve missed.

21:9 support

The tvOS 18 update will give users the option to playback in the 21:9 projector format, increasing the available display options on your Apple TV. 

Fitness Plus redesign 

If you’ve been using Apple Fitness Plus to get yourself in shape, you’ll be pleased to know the Fitness Plus app is getting an overhaul. 

The app will offer a personalized For You section, and make it easier to find the workout you’re looking for.

Rewards have also been updated, so you can earn what Apple calls “enhanced awards”, but we’re not sure what that could mean as yet.

New wallpapers

New wallpapers are coming with tvOS, including adorable new Snoopy and Woodstock options, as well as some based on Apple TV Plus shows like Foundation. 

Live Captions

In the US and Canada, you’ll be able to access Live Captions via the Continuity Camera on tvOS 18.

That means if you’re displaying your FaceTime call on your TV, you’ll get automatic subtitles during a call.

tvOS 18: Expected release date

The tvOS 18 developer beta is available now, with a public beta slated for July. For now, though, the developer one is your only option.

Come September, the update will roll out to all compatible Apple TV models.

tvOS 18

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tvOS 18: Compatible models

tvOS 18 will work on the old Apple TV HD from 2015 and onward, as well as every 4K Apple TV model released so far.

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