Twitter really wants those free speech-hating brands to come back to its platform.

As The Wall Street Journal reported, Twitter has reached out to at least some brands with an offer to match their advertising spending on its social media platform. The effort, according to the report, is a strategy being deployed by the business in an attempt to bring back significant advertisers who have stopped spending ad dollars with the company since Elon Musk’s takeover last year.

So, what is Twitter offering these companies? According to emails acquired by The Wall Street Journal, Twitter is offering to match advertiser spending as much as $250,000. That means that, for every dollar that a brand spends on advertising on Twitter, the company will match their dollar, up to $250,000. So, if a company runs an advertising campaign for $250,000, it’ll get a total of $500,000 in advertising value.

The company does note that the offer is only good on ads run through February 28th, so brands will need to run the entire value of the campaign over the next six weeks.

The tech company is dangling free ad space by offering to match advertisers’ ad spending up to $250,000, according to emails reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. The full $500,000 in advertising must run by Feb. 28, the emails said. 

That’s not a bad deal for any company that Twitter is bringing the offer to, but it’s currently unclear exactly how many brands Twitter has reached out to with the offer.

Twitter’s advertising business took a significant hit after Elon Musk’s acquisition of the company. Many major advertising agencies recommended that their clients pull ads from the platform in light of potential brand safety issues resulting from Twitter’s hectic restructuring. Things have calmed down since then, but many brands are obviously still hesitant to restart advertising on the platform, prompting Twitter’s new campaign.

The company also recently brought back political ads to the platform in an effort to gain revenue.

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Twitter is offering brands up to $250,000 in free ads on its platform

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Twitter is offering brands up to $250,000 in free ads on its platform

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Twitter is offering brands up to $250,000 in free ads on its platform

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