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Two OLED iPad Pro models rumored to arrive in 2024

Apple’s supply chain has started to expand production of touch panels, a report claims, all in preparation for the OLED refresh of two iPad Pro models in early 2024.

Apple is expected to be bringing out an overhauled iPad Pro in the opening months of 2024, with OLED displays being the key change for the generation. To prepare for raised OLED panel production, the supply chain is already bracing itself by expanding production capacity for new 11-inch and 13-inch iPad Pros.

According to a Tuesday DigiTimes report, supply chain sources claim the OLED screens will use hybrid panels, which use both rigid and flexible materials in its construction. Such a display panel could enable a thinner design, which could also be lighter than existing counterparts.

There is also the claim that Apple wants to reduce the fairly slim bezel of the iPad Pro even further, though it may not necessarily be able to do so in the next iteration.

While Apple wants to move to OLED, the current mini LED-based displays will still be produced for a while. It is reported that suppliers will probably cease shipments of the current-gen iPad Pro using the technology by the summer of 2024.

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