We’re still a few months away from seeing Apple unveil the iPhone 15 series, but analysts are already looking forward to what’s next for the Cupertino firm. Display analyst Ross Young, who has an incredible track of leaks due to his inside knowledge of the supply chain, says that the under-display Face ID technology expected for 2024 could now be pushed to 2025 due to “sensor issues.”

The analyst reiterated his previous report on how the iPhone would look from 2023 to 2026. With the under-display Face ID technology, the iPhone 16 Pro was expected to feature a hole-punch design – or now, at least, a smaller Dynamic Island cutout.

With this new information about sensor issues, Apple could delay the design change of its entire lineup for another year, as Dynamic Island could stay the way it’s from the iPhone 14 Pro to the iPhone 16 Pro.

Previously, Young said Apple wasn’t planning to add under-display Face ID to this year’s iPhone 15 not because it couldn’t but for marketing purposes. Now, it seems development isn’t going as smoothly as planned.

Interestingly enough, other smartphone manufacturers already apply some kind of under-display fingerprint scanner or even hide the camera under the main panel, although neither of these solutions is probably in Apple’s standard of usability.

While we’re still a couple of years away from discovering Apple’s newest technologies, another report recently said the Cupertino firm could bring under-display Touch ID to the iPhone in 2026. If that turns out to be accurate, the iPhone will get this technology in the same year it would be adding the front-facing camera under the display.

While having an under-display Touch ID could be a great addition to long-time iPhone users, it seems it’s too many features Apple will need to hide in such a short term.

BGR will keep reporting on the latest rumors regarding the next iPhone models.

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Under-display Face ID to reportedly debut on iPhone 17 in 2025

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Under-display Face ID to reportedly debut on iPhone 17 in 2025

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Under-display Face ID to reportedly debut on iPhone 17 in 2025

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