Vision Pro demos will see two big changes | Photo of demo using Dual Loop head strap

In-store Vision Pro demos are reportedly set to see two big changes this month, as Apple seeks to increase the wow factor and boost the appeal of the device.

The first is that customers will be given the opportunity to view their own photos on the headset, something Apple hopes will have a bigger emotional impact than viewing stock ones …

Mark Gurman reported on the plan in his latest newsletter.

Five months after launching the Vision Pro, Apple is shaking up its in-store strategy for the device. It’s a key moment for the product, which is just beginning to roll out internationally after a slow start in the US. The company hopes to refine the retail-store experience to help give the $3,499 device a boost.

The biggest change is a new feature that lets customers beam their own photos, videos and panoramas over to a Vision Pro during a demonstration. Then they can see their own media in mixed reality. If you’ve already done this on a Vision Pro, you know that it could help sway some shoppers.

The second would be offering would-be buyers more time in the demo, with an option referred to as Go Deeper.

The idea here appears to be that customers can try out the type of usage most relevant to them. For example, someone who plans to use Vision Pro for office work might try using it with productivity apps, while someone more interested in entertainment usage might watch part of a movie.

Additionally, the company is said to be responding to comfort complaints by switching all demos to the Dual Loop – with head strap – in place of the Solo Loop. This policy reportedly went into effect on Friday.

We could already see the Dual Loop in use for most (but not all) of the demos pictured during the first phase of the international rollout.

Photo: Apple

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Vision Pro demos will see two big changes this month

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