Waze has a new navigation experience to celebrate World Cup 2022

World Cup 2022 kicks off on November 20th, the massive soccer (football, actually) tournament that will take place this winter. That’s an unusual choice because of Qatar’s climate, the hosts of the 2022 championship. But you don’t have to wait until next Sunday to celebrate the World Cup, as Waze has launched a new soccer navigation experience in anticipation of the world’s most eagerly anticipated sporting event.

Waze users are probably familiar with the navigation customizations offered by the app. The soccer theme is hardly the first to hit the popular mapping app.

Waze launched a Halloween-themed driving experience a few weeks ago, although the soccer customization looks a lot more fun. After all, World Cup 2022 will last almost through Christmas, with the final game scheduled for December 18th.

The Waze soccer experience includes soccer commentating styles from around the world that will be adapted to directions and navigation. If you’re familiar with the sport, you also know the commentator jargon that matches your region.

Waze will adapt those to direct you to your next destination or point out hazards along the way.

Waze soccer navigation experience launched before the World Cup 2022 tournament start. Image source: Waze

You’ll hear things like “Take the first exit. Then it’s onward to glory!” and “Hazard reported ahead. Getting through that defense could prove tricky.” Also, comments like “Accident reported ahead. That could hold up play for a while,” and “Keep Left. Like a left winger hugging the touchline” might be part of the Waze soccer experience.

For Brazil, Waze partnered with Luva de Pedreiro for soccer-based voice directions. De Pedreiro is the most-followed soccer commentator on social media in the country, Waze says. Other countries will get a generic Drive with a commentator experience.

To activate the Waze soccer navigation, head to My Waze and then choose either Drive with Luva de Pedreiro or Drive with a commentator.

The new navigation experience also includes an Automoball, “a car outfitted for ultimate soccer fans.” Additionally, Waze users will be able to select a Mood representing their favorite country during the World Cup tournament.

If the soccer navigation experience isn’t yet available on your iPhone or Android device, you might have to update Waze to the latest app version. Or just wait for Google to enable it in your region.


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