xrOS will be the operating system powering Apple VR

xrOS has been trademarked in New Zealand ahead of potential WWDC reveal [u]

A trademark filing in New Zealand may have confirmed the Apple VR Headset operating system name is xrOS.

Regulatory processes, trademarks, patents, and more can and have revealed Apple’s future plans — but they are not foolproof sources. A trademark filed on Monday might be the final confirmation of Apple’s planned name for its virtual reality operating system, but it was filed under a shell corporation.

A discovery from Vox Media‘s Parker Ortolani shows xrOS has been trademarked in New Zealand by a corporation named Deep Dive LLC. He says this must be a shell corporation, meaning it might actually be Apple pulling the strings on this trademark.

The key detail is that the phrase is trademarked with the Apple font SF Pro in an example image. Deep Dive LLC filed for both the traditional xrOS and all-caps XROS in two separate applications.

New Zealand isn’t the only territory to see a trademark filing from Deep Dive LLC. Spotted by an AppleInsider reader, two applications were made by the shell company for trademarks in Singapore.

Just as in New Zealand, the marks are for “xrOS” and “XROS,” covering a number of computing and electronics-related goods and services classes. The all-caps version was filed on September 22, 2022m, while “xrOS” was applied for on May 11, 2023.

Both listings are shown as “Pending (Under examination)”

It’s likely Apple will announce the new extended reality operating system during WWDC in June, then transfer the trademarks to itself.

Previous rumors from Mark Gurman suggested that Apple would use the name xrOS to refer to its Apple VR Headset operating system. This name replaced a previous variation in the rumor cycle called realityOS.

All signs point to Apple’s very expensive VR Headset being revealed during its developer conference. This trademark filing may just be the final bit of evidence before the event begins in three weeks.

Updated on May 16, 11:29 AM Added discovery of filings in Singapore.

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xrOS has been trademarked in New Zealand ahead of potential WWDC reveal [u]

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