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Head to an Apple Store and you might be able to pick up an iPhone 15 Pro Max today.
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Order an iPhone 15 Pro Max online and you could wait until mid-November to get it, or you can pick one up today from an Apple retail store, no preorder necessary.

But don’t dawdle — it’s first come, first serve.


Get an iPhone 15 Pro Max today… maybe

The iPhone 15 Pro Max went up for preorder on September 15, and there was immediate huge demand. So much so that Apple quickly sold out of the units available to ship on launch day, September 22.

But the company always reserves some stock of its newest models for its retail stores. We confirmed that with our local Apple store.

So if you’re very eager to get the new premium smartphone and missed early online preorders, you may still be able to get one on launch day. It’s as simple as going to an Apple Store and waiting in line.

Apple store outdoor queue
Just be prepared for a long queue at the Apple retail store.
Photo: Lewis Wallace/Cult of Mac

While supplies last

Of course, supplies are limited. You can’t count on getting an iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max this way, which is why people preordered them.

You can not go online and reserve one of these units for pickup. The only option is to physically go to one of Apple’s retail locations and get in line.

It’s a gamble, but could get you the hottest handset of the fall much earlier than putting in a preorder. An order placed today for the iPhone 15 Pro Max won’t show up before mid-November.

There’s a wait for other new handsets, too. An iPhone 15 Pro order placed Friday won’t be delivered until late October. The “standard” version and 15 Plus won’t arrive until early October.

Apple store queue
Lots of people queued up Friday to get an iPhone 15.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

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