When it comes to computers, Macs are top of the line. They’re sleek, secure, high quality, great for professional use, and they’re fancy. With all their advantages, it isn’t hard to see why many people love Macs. But how many people are out there extolling the virtues of PCs?

As a whole, PCs might not be as sleek or as high quality as Macs, but there are multiple areas in which they are better than Macs. Not convinced? Here are several reasons why PCs are better than Macs.

1. They Have More Variety

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Macs have a distinct appearance, which makes them unique. However, trading in one Mac for another Mac time and again can get pretty boring—that is if you care about outward appearances.

Macs might vary in minor ways from model to model, but in the end, they all look more or less the same. PCs, however, don’t have this problem. They come in different colors and designs, with a wide range of specs from low-end to high-end, depending on your needs.

Then there’s functionality. You can get a powerful PC for graphic design or programming or a PC for general use without any fancy trappings. You can even buy a PC solely for gaming.

It’s safe to say that PCs have so much variety that it can be overwhelming to choose what PC to get for people looking to buy one. Macs, on the other hand, look similar and don’t offer variety in terms of specs.

2. They Aren’t Limited to One Port Type

A Close-Up Shot of the Ports of a Laptop

Ah, ports; the things via which we connect things—phones, external hard drives, headphone jacks, HDMI cables, and so on—to our computers. PCs, specifically laptops, generally have more ports and port types than Macs. You’ll easily find a suitable PC option if you need a computer with multiple ports.

MacBook ports are a different matter altogether. If you want a MacBook, particularly one released in 2016 and later, know that you’ll only get two kinds of ports; two Thunderbolt USB-Cs, and one 3.5mm headphone jack.

Of course, you can work around this by getting a USB hub or purchasing an older MacBook model, but isn’t it so much better to own a computer with multiple built-in USB ports of different types?

3. They Have a Wider Price Range

Macs are purely high-end devices, so not everyone can afford one. But with PCs, there’s something for everyone because PCs have a wider price range than Macs, allowing people to purchase a PC for as low as $200 or as high as $1000.

In comparison, Macs begin on the pricey end and go even higher. There’s no budget Mac for your basic needs, but you can choose from tons of budget PCs. If you want something sleek and fast, PCs provide a wide offering. You can even find PCs that are just as pricey as, if not pricier than, Macs.

One reason for the availability of lower-priced PCs is that, since most computer buyers go for inexpensive ones, providing affordable options ensures that PC manufacturers can sell to more consumers.

4. There Are Touchscreen Versions

A person using a touchscreen PC

Touchscreen Macs don’t exist. It’s sad but true. On the other hand, there are many touchscreen PCs. Touchscreens are fun, allowing you to tap directly on your screen instead of moving a mouse around or your finger on a trackpad.

Although there are rumors that Apple is working on a touchscreen MacBook, the company hasn’t confirmed or denied them; this means there might not be a touchscreen Mac in the works. It probably won’t be released for another few years if there is. In contrast, there are already several great touchscreen laptops on the market.

But why wait years for a touchscreen Mac when you can get a touchscreen PC?

5. There Are Tablet Versions

Image of a laptop folded into a tablet-1

You can’t turn a Mac into a tablet, but you can turn certain PCs into one. It’s a cool feature that allows you to easily switch from laptop to tablet mode and enjoy tasks like playing certain games, drawing, or scrolling through social media.

Imagine getting tired of using your PC as a laptop and switching it to a tablet, then switching it back to a laptop. It’s convenient, cool, and one way PCs are superior to Macs.

6. You Can Build Your Own

If you don’t like what’s on the PC market, you can always build your own. If you don’t like what’s available on the Mac market, there isn’t anything you can do. It’s impossible to build a Mac according to your specs.

You can visit custom PC builder websites to build a basic PC or a powerhouse PC. With technical know-how or enough research, if you’re a first-timer, you can navigate the world of PC building. The best part is you don’t need to shell out thousands of dollars to do so.

When building a PC, you can choose from numerous components to ensure you get precisely what you want. Everything—the CPU, storage drives, graphics cards, and more—is up to you.

Even after buying a PC, you can tweak its hardware. You can replace your hard drive or graphics card. But with a Mac, you’re stuck with what you’ve got.

7. They’re Better for Gaming

Image of a person playing a game on a PC

If you’re a hardcore gamer, you likely don’t use a Mac for gaming. Instead, you probably use a console or a PC because Macs just aren’t that great for gaming. In fact, with how not-great Macs are for gaming, it seems Apple doesn’t care about macOS gaming.

PCs, on the other hand, are champions when it comes to computer gaming. Most games are targeted toward PCs, specifically Windows PCs, instead of Macs. There aren’t as many triple-A titles available for Macs as for PCs.

Then there’s the issue of hardware; you can upgrade your graphics card to improve your gaming experience on a PC but not on a Mac.

PCs allow you to mod a game, something that’s impossible on a Mac; this is a shame because mods can improve the gaming experience for many people, but Mac users can’t enjoy them.

Basically, if you want to enjoy computer gaming, use a PC because Macs just don’t cut it.

8. They’re Easier to Fix

Image of a person fixing a laptop

There are more options when it comes to where to take a PC for repairs. You can easily walk into any computer repair shop and get your PC fixed, but you might not easily find an Apple Store or a repair shop that fixes Macs in your area.

Also, it’s easier to replace parts for a PC than a Mac because PC parts are readily available. In contrast, you might have to order parts from Apple.

9. Better Game and Software Availability

Image of a person playing a game on a computer

PCs are more popular than Macs, so it makes sense that more resources would be available to them. The amount of content in the PC software and game library is exhaustive. You can easily install games and software, free and paid, on your PC.

You can go to many places to find software for your PC, from official app stores to third-party app stores and websites. On a Mac, your options are limited to very few places.

In terms of software, some, like video streaming apps or certain social media apps, are unavailable for Macs but available for PCs. And when it comes to games, PCs truly outshine Macs because most games are developed for PCs.

PCs Are Better Than Macs in Several Ways

From variety to customizability to gaming experience, PCs beat Macs hands down. With PCs, you get a ton of flexibility and control over their hardware. You won’t have to pay big bucks for a PC because there are many budget options, and on the other end, there are tons of high-end options.

When it comes to the gaming experience, there’s no doubt that PCs are far superior to Macs in all aspects. So, Macs may be more stylish overall, but PCs are much more fun.

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9 Reasons PCs Are Better Than Macs

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