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Sometimes a small glitch causes major problems. Today an email verification glitch at Nvidia’s services blocked users access to the company’s GeForce Experience and GeForce Now services, as discovered by As a result, some users now cannot update their drivers or use the cloud gaming service. Nvidia is attempting to fix the issue. 

Nvidia’s GeForce Experience and GeForce Now services require users to receive an email verification code when they log in. But the email verification is currently down at Nvidia, which is why users who need to login cannot do so. This causes troubles as people who need to update their drivers using GeForce Experience now have to download them manually (opens in new tab), which may be tricky for some people. Meanwhile, GeForce Now gamers cannot use the service at all.  

“Our team is investigating an issue which is preventing NVIDIA verification emails from being sent,” a statement by Nvidia Customer Support reads. “We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause and will share updates as they become available.” 

Nvidia has not provided timeframe when the issue will be resolved, but those who use GeForce Experience and GeForce Now are advised not to log out from their services.

Gamers have criticized Nvidia for requiring a login to use certain features, and that argument becomes stronger when  the verification system doesn’t work, even for a little while. Meanwhile, Steam also requires a code sent to email to login to the software, so Nvidia’s GeForce Now is not alone.

Since this is how Nvidia’s accounts work, the same procedure applies to GeForce Experience, a program that manages hardware settings, optimizes performance, personalizes gameplay, captures and shares videos and screenshots, and shares game moments to YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook. Among other things, this software can automatically update drivers. The problem is that if you cannot login to your Nvidia account, you lose all those benefits.

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Access to Nvidia’s GeForce Experience, GeForce Now Blocked Due to Glitch

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Access to Nvidia’s GeForce Experience, GeForce Now Blocked Due to Glitch

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Access to Nvidia’s GeForce Experience, GeForce Now Blocked Due to Glitch

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