The ASRock X870E Taichi motherboard

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At Computex 2024, ASRock brought what appears to be its entire lineup of AMD Ryzen 9000 motherboards. This includes new X870 and X870E-based motherboards that support the fastest memory, M.2 storage devices, and Wi-Fi 7.

The new motherboards carry on the Taichi, Taichi Lite, Nova, Riptide, Steel Legend, and Pro RS families, updated to include the new AMD X870E and X870 chipsets with higher AMD EXPO memory overclocks. These motherboards support AMD Ryzen 9000, 8000, and 7000 series processors.

All of the displayed X870E and X870 motherboards offer four DDR5 RAM sockets, dual USB Gen 4 Type-C ports, and WiFi 7.

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MotherboardPower DeliveryPCIe 5.0 x16M.2 PCIe Gen 5M.2 PCIe Gen 4M.2 PCIe Gen 3Ethernet
X870E Taichi27-phase, 110A SPS2135GbE LAN
X870E Taichi Lite27-phase, 110A SPS2135GbE LAN
X870E Nova WiFi23-phase, 110A SPS11315GbE LAN
X870 Riptide WiFi17-phase, 80A Dr.MOS1122.5GbE LAN
X870 Steel Legend WiFi17-phase, 80A Dr.MOS1122.5GbE LAN
X870 Pro RS WiFi17-phase, 80A Dr.MOS11112.5GbE LAN

The X870E Taichi is ASRock’s flagship motherboard for the line, with a 27-phase power delivery system for optimal overclocking capabilities. It features dual PCIe Gen 5 x16 slots and four (count ‘em, four) M.2 slots. One of the M.2 slots supports PCIe Gen 5, while the other three support PCIe Gen 4. It’s also decked out with RGB lighting on the I/O plate and along the bottom of the second PCIe slot.

ASRock X870E Taichi back angle
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For those who want the power of the Taichi but not the expense, the Taichi Lite offers the same specifications — it just doesn’t have the accent plates, or as much RGB lighting.

ASRock X870E Taichi Lite motherboard
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The ASRock X870E Nova WiFi carries on the Phantom Gaming series, and is the top-of-the-line for that family. It features a 23-phase power delivery system instead of the 27-phase offered by the Taichi. It also provides just one PCIe Gen 5 x16 slot, but offers a total of five M.2 slots. So the board has an M.2 slot supporting PCIe Gen 5, three Gen 4 slots, and a final M.2 PCIe Gen 3 slot.

ASRock X870 Nova WiFi motherboard
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The second Phantom Gaming motherboard ASRock showed at Computex is the X870 Riptide. This is basically the Nova Lite, with a 17-phase power design, just one PCIe Gen 5 x16 slot, and three M.2 slots (one Gen 5 and two Gen 4).

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ASRock X870 Riptide WiFi motherboard
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Next, there’s the X870 Steel Legend, which features a 17-phase power delivery system. There’s one PCIe Gen 5 x16 slot and three M.2 slots. Like the Riptide, the Steel Legend offers a PCIe Gen 5 M.2 slot and two PCIe Gen 4 slots.

ASRock X870 Steel Legend motherboard

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Finally, ASRock’s X870 Pro RS WiFi also includes a 17-phase power system. Its specs mimic the Steel Legend, but instead of providing two M.2 PCIe Gen 4 slots, it includes one Gen 4 and one Gen 3 slot.

ASRock X870 Pro RS motherboard

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These motherboards are expected to start shipping in September 2024.

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