A new Android handheld games console will soon be launching via the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform in the form of the new AYANEO Pocket EVO. Marketed as the world’s first 7″ OLED 120Hz high-refresh-rate flagship Android handheld, it promises to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience. Unveiled by AYANEO CEO Arthur in a live online presentation, the device has generated widespread excitement and anticipation.

Points of Interest :

  • First Android handheld with a 7″ 1080P OLED 120Hz high-refresh-rate display
  • Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon G3x Gen 2 Gaming Platform
  • Elegant design inspired by AYANEO’s flagship Windows handhelds
  • Innovative cooling system for sustained performance
  • Hall sensing big joystick for precise control
  • Largest HD linear motor in an Android handheld for immersive vibration feedback
  • Massive 8000mAh battery for extended gaming sessions
  • Supports high-speed WiFi protocol for smooth streaming and cloud gaming
  • Pre-installed with AYA Home desktop launcher and AYA Space management software

AYANEO Pocket EVO: Comprehensive Advantage

The AYANEO Pocket EVO is a catalyst in the world of Android handheld gaming. It features a 7″ 1080P OLED 120Hz high-refresh-rate display, making it the first of its kind. This powerful device combines exceptional performance with a sleek design, thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon G3x Gen 2 Gaming Platform. It effortlessly handles high-resolution, high-refresh-rate mobile games, streaming, and cloud gaming, making it a versatile and unmatched large-screen Android handheld.

Highlights of the AYANEO Pocket EVO

The term “EVO” stands for “Evolution,” symbolizing progress and innovation. The AYANEO Pocket EVO represents a complete evolution in flagship Android handhelds, offering an unparalleled experience in performance, aesthetics, display, and control. It inherits the classic, elegant design of AYANEO’s flagship Windows handhelds, which have been recognized with the GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2023 in Japan. This design adds a touch of refined artistic flair to the Android handheld segment.

AYANEO Pocket EVO 7 OLED design

Innovative Design and Display

The AYANEO Pocket EVO features a bespoke new mold, resulting in a remarkably slim and lightweight body, measuring just 1mm in thickness. The device’s contours have been carefully refined, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and grip comfort. The streamlined screen structure and the use of OLED screens deliver breathtaking color and a thinner overall structure, setting higher standards in handheld display technology.

Performance and Cooling System

Equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon G3x Gen 2 Gaming Platform, the AYANEO Pocket EVO offers 15W esports-grade performance, effortlessly conquering high-performance retro games and Android mobile games with maximum graphics settings. The larger form factor allows for a more extensive cooling system, incorporating a larger heatsink and fan, comparable to those found in X86-based devices. This results in significant improvements in active cooling efficiency, pushing the boundaries of sustained performance output and heat dissipation.

Control Configuration

The AYANEO Pocket EVO is the first Android handheld to feature hall sensing big joystick, providing a wider range of motion and precise feedback, free from drift and dead zones. The angled button layout ensures that intense control sequences between the joysticks and buttons do not hinder the user’s grip, achieving a harmonious balance between elegant design and comfortable control.

AYANEO Pocket EVO 7 OLED handheld games console

Ergonomics and Vibration Feedback

The highly acclaimed ergonomic grip has been refined with adjusted curves for a more natural and comfortable grip experience. The device also features the largest HD linear motor ever implemented in an Android handheld, with AYASpace providing comprehensive vibration settings. This seamless integration of hardware and software delivers multi-dimensional, nuanced vibration across various scenarios, immersing players in their games.

Battery and Connectivity

The AYANEO Pocket EVO incorporates an X86-level cooling system within its slim profile while featuring a massive battery exceeding 8000mAh. This makes it the Android handheld with the largest battery capacity among 7″ devices. For gamers who enjoy streaming and cloud gaming, the device supports the latest high-speed WiFi protocol, delivering theoretical speeds of up to 30Gbps, lower latency, and more stable data transmission.

Software and Future Upgrades

AYANEO Pocket EVO continues AYANEO’s software self-research advantages, pre-installed with the AYA Home desktop launcher and AYA Space management software. These software solutions support innovative features such as performance mode customization, device spoofing, button mapping, and game library management optimization. Future upgrades will introduce even more functionalities and enhanced experiences, providing users with exclusive and convenient software solutions.

The AYANEO Pocket EVO is set to transform the Android handheld gaming experience with its 7″ 120Hz OLED high-refresh-rate screen and numerous leading features. It perfectly meets players’ demands for a high-performance large-screen Android handheld.

For those interested in exploring other areas, the AYANEO Pocket S offers a compact high-performance alternative. Both devices provide the ultimate Android handheld gaming experience, allowing players to choose based on their personal preferences and needs. For more information and to stay updated on the latest developments, visit the official AYANEO Indiegogo campaign page and register for the Pocket EVO IGG Pre-launch to get the early bird price. Here are a selection of other articles from our extensive library of content you may find of interest on the subject of handheld games consoles :

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