Crucial Pro Series memory

Crucial has this week announced the launch of its new Pro Series memory available in both DDR4 and DDR5 modules with the integration of AMD EXPO and Intel XMP 3.0 support. For AMD EXPO, this extension is exclusive to DDR5 modules, while DDR4 modules embrace the support of Intel XMP 2.0, a facet that its standard DDR4 modules were previously missing. This enhancement simplifies the process for end users to harness the augmented performance offered by some of these modules.

However, it’s worth noting that Crucial’s adherence to JEDEC timings, particularly with the Pro DDR5-5600 UDIMM kit as a case study, results in timings of 46-46-45-45 at 1.1 Volts. This contrasts with rival products, which typically exhibit timings in the ballpark of 36-36-36-36, albeit generally at 1.25 Volts or more. On the JEDEC timing spectrum, Crucial has elected to straddle the middle ground for DDR5 5600. There is an alternative JEDEC timing option that supports 40-40-40-40, a choice that would arguably be more fitting for a premium offering.

Crucial Pro Series DDR5 memory

On the pricing front, a 32 GB kit composed of two 16 GB DDR5-5600 modules imposes an $11 premium over Crucial’s standard modules, retailing at US$114.99 as opposed to US$103.99.

Source : Crucial : TPU

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Crucial Pro Series memory launches

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