At first blush, ChatGPT might seem like little more than a ridiculously intelligent digital toy. Over the past few months, we’ve seen examples of thousands of users engaging OpenAI’s chatbot in conversation with fascinating results. We’ve also heard stories of ChatGPT passing tests, writing code, and impersonating celebrities. It turns out that the key to turning ChatGPT from a toy into a tool is knowing which prompts to use, which is why prompt libraries are beginning to spring up all over the internet. We wrote about one last week, and now we have another to share.

Access even more ChatGPT prompts

Over the weekend, Product Hunt highlighted a new collection of more than 500 ChatGPT prompts that you can access free of charge. The collection was put together by Ignacio Velásquez, creator of the note-taking and productivity web app Notion, and Shushant Lakhyani.

“500+ ChatGPT Prompt Templates is a comprehensive collection of highly curated prompts that are tailored to many common and specific needs,” reads the description on the Gumroad product page where you can access the collection. “With this product, you can easily access a wide range of prompts for ChatGPT and enhance your productivity.”

If you are so inclined, you can pay for access to the collection, but you can also get it for free.

There are dozens of categories in the ChatGPT prompt collection, from blog writing and coding to influencer marketing and podcast interview ideas. Each topic offers at least 15 prompts, and a few feature more than 100. Once you find a prompt you like, head to ChatGPT and paste the prompt into the chat box. That should get the ball rolling for your conversation.

The site also includes Spanish translations for all of its ChatGPT prompts, so you don’t have to depend on Google Translate to translate the prompts for you.

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Free site gives you 500+ ChatGPT prompts to play with

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Free site gives you 500+ ChatGPT prompts to play with

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Free site gives you 500+ ChatGPT prompts to play withFree site gives you 500+ ChatGPT prompts to play with

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