Samsung’s Galaxy Book laptops running Windows 11 will soon get a lot of new features. Microsoft announced some exciting new features for Windows 11 during its Build 2023 press conference last night. Some of those new Windows 11 features are powered by AI, while others bring some quality-of-life improvements to PC users.

Microsoft is also planning to bring more Android apps to Windows 11. It is also bringing improved wireless audio and accessibility features.

Windows Copilot makes things faster by using AI

Since the release of ChatGPT, Microsoft has been finding new ways to integrate AI technology into various products, including Bing, Microsoft Office, and SwiftKey keyboard. Last night, the company announced that it is bringing Windows Copilot to Windows 11. The feature is meant to help users with complex tasks and make them easier. Windows Copilot is designed to find features within Windows 11 that can be solutions to the user’s tasks. It can customize PC settings, offer suggestions, and connect services across devices.

Windows 11 Windows Copilot

When activated, Windows Copilot appears in the form of a sidebar. Windows 11 users can ask questions or suggestions. For example, users can ask how they can improve their productivity, and Windows Copilot will offer suggestions like Dark Theme, Focus Session, and Snap layouts for wide-by-side app window arrangement.

Another way it can help users is by summarizing documents. As shown in the video below. Users can drag documents to Windows Copilot, and it will summarize them in the form of bullet points. This can help users understand the gist of documents without reading them completely. Windows Copilot can also suggest music from Spotify, integrate with Adobe Photoshop to create images using generative AI, and integrate with various Microsoft services like Office 365 and Teams.

Bluetooth LE Audio is coming to Galaxy Book laptops, offering improved audio quality with Galaxy Buds 2 Pro

Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Ultra And Galaxy Buds 2 Pro

Microsoft also announced that it is working with Intel and Samsung to bring Bluetooth LE Audio to the Windows ecosystem. This will allow users to experience improved audio quality when they pair their Galaxy Buds 2 Pro with their Galaxy Book laptops.

More Android apps are coming to Galaxy Books running Windows 11

The company has also relaxed a few requirements, which means more app developers can bring their Android apps to Windows 11 devices. Any developer interested in bringing their Android app to Windows 11 can submit their app for testing. Microsoft has published a series of documents and videos to help developers optimize their apps for Windows.

Windows 11 will also get Live Captions for more languages, including Chinese, Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish. Other new features include a bigger widgets page with three columns, a persistent VPN icon over the network icon when VPN is active, new privacy controls for presence sensing, and QR code verification for printing documents.

These features will be available to Windows 11 Insiders in June 2023, and we can expect them to be released to all Windows 11 laptops and PCs by the end of this year. Once released, you can use them on your Galaxy Book laptop or Galaxy PCs running Windows 11 and get your work done faster and in an easier way.

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Galaxy Book laptops to get brand new features with Windows 11 update

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