GeIL Pristine R5 memory

GeIL has this week introduced its new Pristine R5 and Spear R5 memory specifically created to support the newly released W790 motherboards and Intel Xeon W-2400/W-3400 series processors. The Pristine R5 and Spear R5 series server memory products, providing solutions not only for the needs of standard Registered DIMMs which fully complies with the JEDEC specifications but also the market of high-end applications which requires high-performance server memory.

“Introducing the memory overclocking technology, GeIL Spear R5 series high-performance server memory is scalable up to 6800MT/s delivering the great performance to meet various requirements of cloud computing and high-end HEDT applications. The support for Intel XMP 3.0 specification greatly helps the configuration process which takes ZERO effort to manage the server systems. Additionally, GeIL Spear R5 series features aluminium heatspreaders to ensure the excellent stability and reliability with effective heat dissipation.”

“For standard server memory products, GeIL offers the Pristine R5 series to meet the market demands, with speeds from 4800MT/sup to 6000MT/s and a maximum single capacity of 32 GB. High-speed and high-capacity server memory modules can accelerate data processing speed and improve server performance. The Pristine R5 series features a 30µ PCB gold plating layer, an ultra-low operating voltage of 1.1 V, and an ECC error correction mechanism, providing excellent stability and reliability, reducing the risk of failure and downtime during long-term server operatio”

Source : GeIL

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GeIL Pristine R5 and Spear R5 memory launches

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