Intel Arc A750 GPU, pictured against a colorful background with the name in text on the left-hand side of the image.

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Intel’s budget-friendly Arc A750 graphics card is now budget-friendlier than ever, available for just $229.99 at The card in question – an ASRock Challenger variant (opens in new tab) – packs 8GB of GDDR6 VRAM and a twin-fan configuration. If you’re looking to get the best graphics card for your cash, this could be the perfect choice right now.

This is actually the second time we’ve seen a price drop on Intel’s lower-spec Arc A7 GPU; we already saw Intel cut the MSRP from $289 to $249 back in February, making it one of the best cheap graphics cards available right now. This further price cut on ASRock’s model further cements the A750 as a phenomenal choice for anyone looking to game at 1080p resolution.

Considering that the Intel Arc A750 is almost identical in performance to Nvidia’s last-gen RTX 3060 – a solid 1080p GPU in its own right – it’s hard to recommend anything else right now. For comparison, the cheapest RTX 3060 card we could find on Newegg was a Zotac Gaming model (opens in new tab), discounted to $309.99. Average pricing on the 3060 sit around $320-330 at present, making it as much as a hundred dollars more expensive than the A750 for virtually no performance improvement (though Nvidia’s card does admittedly perform better in some ray-traced workloads).

The perfect time for a 1080p graphics card

This is frankly a staggeringly good deal, especially since Intel has put in months of work to squash the bugs and performance issues that plagued the Arc lineup after its initial release. The Arc A750 is now a great card for 1080p gaming (and even 1440p, if you’re willing to dial back your settings a bit) – and that’s something the PC gaming community badly needs right now.

We’ve already spent plenty of time ranting about how GPU prices are ruining PC gaming, so it’s gratifying to see that Intel is serious about good-value cards in the face of Nvidia’s market dominance. Judging by Steam’s user hardware data, the RTX 3060 is one of the most-used GPUs among PC gamers; indeed, the rest of the cards found at the top of Steam’s charts are older 1080p cards like the RTX 2060 and GTX 1650.

We have high hopes for Intel’s next generation of Arc cards now that Team Blue has had some time to work out the kinks. With the majority of PC gamers still playing at FHD resolution (4K will take off eventually, probably) and many of them doing so on outdated hardware, cards like the A750 and its successors will be instrumental in keeping the gamers gaming – even if we do have to wait until 2024 for new Arc cards.

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Intel Arc A750 GPU gets another price cut, which is amazing news for gamers

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Intel Arc A750 GPU gets another price cut, which is amazing news for gamers

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