Intel’s announcements at Computex 2024 focused heavily on the Core Ultra 200V series, codenamed Lunar Lake. A recent leak suggests that Intel will release Lunar Lake in nine variants, including Core Ultra 7 and Core Ultra 5 SKUs. There will also be a single Core Ultra 9 variant, according to the leak source. 

The new mobile processor is expected to ship sometime in September 2024, but details of the exact specifications have been hard to nail down. We know Intel aims to get into the Microsoft Copilot+ lineup, so it is integrating its fourth-gen Neural Processing Unit (NPU). The latest NPU will provide 48 TOPS of performance. Microsoft requires an NPU offering at least 40 TOPS of performance for a device to earn the Copilot+ badge.

According to the leaked information, every Lunar Lake variant will feature four Lion Cove performance cores, and four Skymont efficiency cores. Lunar Lake will focus on low-power mobile devices, while Arrow Lake is geared toward mainstream mobile and desktop computers. Arrow Lake processors are expected to ship in October 2024.

For integrated graphics, Intel has the next generation of its Arc graphics, the Battlemage GPU, which uses the Xe2-LPG architecture. The known Lunar Lake variants are expected to feature seven or eight Xe2 GPU cores. The SKUs will include either 16GB or 32GB LPDDR5-8533 memory, which will not be user-upgradable.

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Intel Lunar Lake Expected Variants
Header Cell – Column 0 PL1: Processor Base PowerPL2: Maximum Turbo PowerLow-Latency CacheLPDDR5X-8533 MemoryP-Core Boost ClockE-Core Boost ClockGPUGPU ClockNPU TOPSXMX (GPU) TOPS
Core Ultra 9 288V30W30W12MB32GB(2R)5.1 GHZ3.7 GHzArc 140V2.05 GHZ4867
Core Ultra 7 268V17W30W12MB32GB(2R)5.0 GHz3.7 GHzArc 140V2.00 GHz4866
Core Ultra 7 266V17W30W12MB16GB(1R)5.0 GHz3.7 GHzArc 140V2.00 GHz4866
Core Ultra 7 258V17W30W12MB32GB(2R)4.8 GHz3.7 GHzArc 140V1.95 GHZ4764
Core Ultra 7 256V17W30W12MB16GB(1R)4.8 GHz3.7 GHzArc 140V1.95 GHz4764
Core Ultra 5 238V17W30W8MB32GB(2R)4.7 GHz3.5 GHzArc 130V1.85 GHz4053
Core Ultra 5 236V17W30W8MB16GB(1R)4.7 GHz3.5 GHzArc 130V1.85 GHz4053
Core Ultra 5 228V17W30W8MB32GB(2R)4.5 GHz3.5 GHzArc 130V1.85 GHz4053
Core Ultra 5 226V17W30W8MB16GB(1R)4.5 GHz3.5 GHzArc 130V1.85 GHz4053

At the bottom of the performance table, the Core Ultra 5 226V will feature 17W PL1 (processor base power) and 30W PL2 (maximum turbo power). This SKU will feature performance cores running at 4.5 GHz and 3.5 GHz for the efficiency cores. Its Arc 130V graphics will have a GPU clock of 1.85 GHz, and the NPU will run at 40 TOPS. 

Jumping to the beefiest Lunar Lake SKU, the Core Ultra 9 288V is expected to have a 30W PL1 and 30W PL2 power delivery system. This will be the only Lunar Lake SKU to include 30W processor base power. Its performance cores will boost to 5.1 GHz, while the efficiency cores top out at 3.7 GHz. The integrated Arc 140V will run at 2.05 GHz while the NPU cranks out 48 TOPS of AI processing power.

Remember, this is a leaked set of details, so please add a pinch of salt to the data and your expectations.

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