Intel has started sampling of its codenamed Arrow Lake-S processors in LGA1851 form-factor and supporting motherboard among its customers. Arrow Lake CPUs could launch as early as the second half of 2024. A leak from @leaf_hobby, a prominent hardware leaker who tends to have access to confidential information alludes that the LGA1851 platform will continue its evolution till 2026. Take the news with a pinch of salt for now. 

Intel is seemingly distributing Arrow Lake-S ES1 and ES2 samples with six Lion Cove high-performance cores and eight Skymont energy-efficient cores, a configuration which resembles that of a mobile processor. Meanwhile, Core i9-grade Arrow Lake-S processors for desktops could feature eight high-performance cores and 16 energy-efficient cores, reports IT Home. Compute tiles of the upcoming processors are set to be made on Intel’s 20A (2 nm-class).

We already know from unofficial information that Lion Cove high-performance cores of Intel’s Arrow Lake-S processors are set to increase capacity of L2 cache to 3 MB. Meanwhile we have no idea about the destiny of the Adamantine L4 cache that was expected to show up in the Meteor Lake processor. There is a speculation that the forthcoming Arrow Lake-S processors might use Adamantine for GPU tile, but this is only a guess at this point since CPUs and GPUs work with caches differently and we do not know whether Adamantine can address both types of applications.

Intel 4, Meteor Lake

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Intel’s Arrow Lake-S processors are set to use LGA1851 platform that is set to support successor of Arrow Lake-S (which is presumably called Panther Lake-S). Arrow Lake-S’s I/O tile is set to increase the number of supported PCIe Gen5 lanes to 16+4 and also support four PCIe Gen4 lanes. Furthermore, Intel’s Z890 platform is set to support 24 PCIe Gen5 lanes.  

Meanwhile, the LGA1851 platform is expected to lose DDR4 compatibility (which is not surprising as we are dealing with 2nm-based CPUs and DDR4’s 1.2V may be too high for such parts). 

Intel’s Arrow Lake CPUs for desktops, which once were rumored to show up in the first half of 2024, are now expected to launch in the second half of the year. Meanwhile, it is speculated that the LGA1851 platform will be used till 2026, which suggests support for at least two generations of CPUs. Then again, we are dealing with unofficial information here and plans tend to change.

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