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Luminar Neo is one of the first third-party apps to take advantage of your new Copilot+ PC

Key Takeaways

  • Copilot+ introduces AI-powered hardware for third-party developers.
  • Skylum’s Luminar Neo gains significant AI performance boost on Copilot+ devices.
  • Future Copilot+ PCs may see more powerful AI tools due to dedicated NPUs.

Now that Copilot+ is out in the wild, people can get their hands on Microsoft’s brand-new AI tools that run on local hardware. This, in turn, has introduced AI-powered hardware to the world of third-party developers who are designing features that take advantage of this new consumer tech. One of the first companies to stake their claim in the new localized AI revolution by adding powerful tools to its app, and it may be a sign of things to come with Copilot+ devices.

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Microsoft Copilot+: Everything you’ll be able to do with your new Snapdragon X Elite PC

Microsoft has unveiled its vision for AI PCs, and it’s called Copilot+

The Luminar Neo Copilot+ announcement

Image Credit: Skylum

As reported on Skylum’s blog, its Luminar Neo image editing tool is getting a huge AI boost on Copilot+ devices. Right now, Luminar Neo does have some AI tools you can use to enhance your images, but if you’re using a device with a Snapdragon X in it, Skylum says it’ll perform them 200x faster.

As you might imagine, Skylum’s CEO Ivan Kutanin is pretty pleased with this new feature:

Skylum is currently working on accelerating the rest of Luminar Neo’s AI photo editing features later this year, using the NPU for faster performance and improved user experience. We’re proud to be collaborating with prominent technology leaders such as Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and Microsoft, allowing Luminar Neo users to experience unprecedented speed and efficiency, making advanced photo editing more accessible and enjoyable.

If you have a Copilot+ device, you can get started with Supersharp AI and Upscale AI today.

An insight into the future of Copilot+ PCs

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This third-party development is a cool look into what developers are planning for Copilot+ PCs. For a while, the amount of AI processing an app could do was quite limited, as people didn’t have the hardware to chew through all the calculations. With Copilot+ devices, consumers now have an NPU dedicated to AI processing built into their devices. This allows developers to not only make their current AI tools run a lot faster, but it also opens the gate for more powerful options in the future. What will those tools look like? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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