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  • Microsoft is introducing some new features to Bing on mobile and desktop.
  • Bing Chat will get a new home screen widget for Android and iOS.
  • Microsoft is giving Edge on mobile contextual chat

As the AI war rages on between Microsoft and Google, Microsoft is the latest to announce new features coming to its Bing AI product. These features will be coming to Bing on both mobile and desktop.

Today, Microsoft announced on its blog that it will be releasing a collection of new features to the Bing experience. The features in question will bring videos, Knowledge Cards, graphs, better formatting, and social sharing capabilities to Bing Chat.

One of the many updates will be a Bing Chat widget for your phone. Available for both Android and iOS, this feature will allow users to access the Bing AI directly from the home screen. Microsoft says it will roll out later this week.

Bing chat widget 1

Another feature Microsoft announced is cross-platform conversations. This feature, which Microsoft says is available today, allows users to start a conversation in Bing on desktop and continue that conversation on mobile, and vice versa.

Additionally, the company is adding to the number of countries where voice input is available. The number of supported languages has been increased as well.

Not to be left behind, Edge on mobile is also getting an update. Most notably, the browser will get contextual chat. Microsoft says that this feature will allow users to ask Bing Chat questions about or summarize the web page that’s currently being viewed. Users will also be able to select text and have Bing provide more details about the topic.

Edge Contextual chat

There was also mention of updates coming to Skype and Swiftkey. This announcement arrives on the heels of news regarding Google working on its own Bard widget. However, unlike Microsoft’s widget, Google’s widget is believed to be exclusive to Pixels.

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Microsoft brings Bing AI widget to your phone’s home screen

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Microsoft brings Bing AI widget to your phone’s home screen

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