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Facepalm: A relatively new entrant to the gaming monitor arena, MSI angered customers when it restricted firmware updates for its latest displays to the most expensive models. The company has reportedly reversed its decision, but many who purchased the 27-inch and 32-inch MAG variants at launch must return their monitors to MSI for their initial patches.

MSI told TFT Central that owners of its MAG 321UPX and 271QPX QD-OLED gaming monitors will soon begin receiving firmware updates to fix bugs and add functionality. However, some users might need to jump through additional hoops first.

The main problem is that, unlike the more expensive MPG variants, the MAG monitors lack USB data ports. Furthermore, units from the initial shipments also lack software support for updates.

MSI MAG 27-inch and 32-inch QD-OLED models to receive long-awaited firmware updates

As a result, some owners must contact MSI customer support to have their displays patched at service centers. This is only necessary for the first firmware update; subsequent patches will be available on MSI’s support website and can be installed through the DisplayPort connection.

To check whether a monitor needs to be returned, look for the firmware version marker in the bottom right corner of the monitor’s main menu. Software versions FW.012 or newer enable downloaded patches for the 27-inch 271QPX, whereas the 32-inch 321UPX requires FW.015 or later. All units shipped to Europe include the proper firmware out of the box, but earlier shipments to other regions might not.

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We gave MSI’s 32-inch MPG 321URX a glowing review for its high performance, broad range of compatibility, wide set of customizable OLED care features, and low price compared to other 4K 240Hz OLED monitors. The MAG 321UPX is similar but even cheaper at $900, with USB connectivity and high-wattage power delivery being the main sacrifices.

MSI put a good first foot forward in undercutting the competition in this weight class but stumbled in February when it confirmed that the cheapest MAG variants would be stuck with launch firmware. Some prospective customers on Reddit announced that they would cancel pre-orders or return their monitors. Hopefully, this reversal can help the company preserve its advantage.

The first patches are expected to arrive in the middle of next month, but what they include remains unclear. In our review, we suggested that the MPG could use an unlocked sRGB mode, better refresh rate controls, and Dolby Vision support. Perhaps at least some of these suggestions could also apply to the MAGs.

Image credit: TFT Central

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