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We have yet to see the Intel Arc A580 desktop graphics card (24 Xe cores), but something that looks like it could be an Arc A550 desktop graphics card (16 Xe cores) has passed  through CompuBench (H/T @KOMACHI_ENSAKA).  When (if?) Intel gets around to releasing the Arc A580, it may make sense to release a junior model such as the Arc A550 so as not to leave too large a gap down to the Arc A380, which only has eight Xe cores.

Intel Arc A550

Make room for the Arc A550 (Image credit: Intel)

Intel has an existing Arc A550M graphics card for laptops, which also has 16 Xe cores. However, this mobile graphics card has much slower GPU core clocks than the mystery GPU in CompuBench.

The mobile Arc A550M part runs at up to 900 MHz and has a TGP of 60W. It’s accompanied by 8GB of 14GBps GDDR6 on a 128-bit bus for 224GBps of bandwidth. Compare these GPU clocks with the alleged desktop Arc A550, which also has 16 Xe cores (for 256 CUs). In the benchmark run, the desktop Arc A550’s GPU clocks appear to be much higher, at around 2,400–2,450 MHz. 

Unfortunately, CompuBench’s data doesn’t give us any key specs beyond benchmarking.

Intel Arc A550 benchmark sysinfo

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CompuBench isn’t the most common benchmarking tool — and it’s not the one we would’ve chosen to compare GPUs, so some reference points within the existing Intel Arc range might help. The following table shows the alleged Arc A550 compared to other cards in the Arc lineup, using CompuBench Vertex Connection and Merging performance data where available.

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Xe Cores

VRAM CompuBench test (mPixels/s)

Arc A770


8GB / 16GB


Arc A750




Arc A580 24 8GB

Arc A550?




Arc A380




Take this all with a grain of salt — we can’t verify that this is definitely an Intel Arc A550 (it could be faked or misreported data). And, even if it is, we can’t say when it will come to market (if ever). But we hope this CompuBench result is from someone at Intel internally testing a new product that will be launched alongside the Arc A580 — whenever that happens. We saw some AOTS benchmark data from what appeared to be an Arc A580 in Sept., but otherwise it’s been relatively quiet. 

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Mystery Intel Arc Desktop GPU With 16 Xe Cores Spotted in CompuBench

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Mystery Intel Arc Desktop GPU With 16 Xe Cores Spotted in CompuBench

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Mystery Intel Arc Desktop GPU With 16 Xe Cores Spotted in CompuBench

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