A new PugetBench result shared by @Benchleaks on Twitter has revealed yet another Meteor Lake processor with Intel’s new “Core Ultra” branding. This time the new naming scheme was seen on a mysterious new chip called the Intel Core Ultra 7 1003H. 

We were introduced to Intel’s new naming system a month ago, when Intel told us it would be rebranding in preparation for the upcoming Meteor Lake launch. Intel didn’t officially say the new branding meant adding “Ultra” to the name, but we also saw an Ashes of Singularity listing showing a Meteor Lake processor called the Core Ultra 5 1003H — suggesting this was the re-branding Intel was referring to. 

This new PugetBench result from PugetSystems is the second leak we’ve seen with the Core Ultra branding. We’re not sure what “Ultra” implies, but it could be one of several names (e.g. “Ultra,” “Pro,” “Max,” etc.) to further split SKUs between the entry-level, mid-range, and high-end markets. 

The new PugetBench listing does imply that Intel will be keeping its 3/5/7/9 numbering system. The newly-spotted chip is the Core Ultra 7, and the chip we saw earlier was the Core Ultra 5. 

Core Ultra 7 1003H Prototype PugetBench Benchmark Run

(Image credit: PugetBench – PugetSystems)

Core Ultra 7 1003H Prototype PugetBench Benchmark Run

(Image credit: PugetBench – PugetSystems)

According to the PugetBench benchmark results, the new Core Ultra 7 1003H appears to be a mobile SKU (if the letter H didn’t give that away). The chip scored a mediocre 534.5 points in the PugetBench Lightroom Classic benchmark, which is just 32.5 points beyond another PugetBench system featuring a much older Intel Core i7-8665U mobile processor. 

Obviously this benchmark score needs to be taken with a grain of salt, since the chip could be a pre-production sample with performance issues that still need to be worked out. Also, the Lightroom Classic benchmark usually isn’t indicative of real-world performance, anyway. 

Meteor Lake will serve as Intel’s 14th-generation CPU architecture, sporting several major enhancements over Raptor Lake — including an upgraded process node called Intel 4, a new multi-tile design language, Low-Power E-Cores, AI enhancements, and more powerful Arc Alchemist integrated graphics. 

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New Intel “Core Ultra 7” CPU Benchmark Spotted | Tom’s Hardware

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New Intel “Core Ultra 7” CPU Benchmark Spotted | Tom’s Hardware

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