Nvidia’s new flagship RTX 4090 graphics card appears to be melting power cables as the card fails when graphics settings are maxed out while playing.


Nvidia’s ridiculously powerful flagship GPU, the RTX 4090, appears to be melting 16 pin power connectors as the card fails when graphics settings are maxed out in visually intensive titles. A social media post has documented a case where a RTX 4090’s power supply melted, opening both Nvidia and third-party graphics card manufacturer Gigabyte up to ridicule online.

This isn’t the first time a powerful new Nvidia GPU has caused a stir among PC gamers. Last year, after the launch of the 3080 Ti series of cards, gamers began to report a black screen and wailing GPU fans. While at first the Amazon Games title New World was perceived the culprit behind the failing GPUs, it was later discovered that the build quality of Gigabyte brand 3080 Ti cards was to blame, causing further confusion in the community when Nvidia un-launched its controversial 4080 12GB GPU. Gamers have expressed concern over the power requirements and sheer demanding design of the RTX 4090 series cards, and it appears like those concerns are warranted.

Reddit user reggie_gakil posted a picture of a charred RTX 4090 connector cable, stating that while playing Red Dead Redemption 2 the card began smoking. Eventually the GPU failed, leaving them with only a black screen and no way to get video from their PC to the monitor. Reggie_gakil was shocked when they opened his case, only to find a charred GPU power cable inside. It was recently reported that the RTX 4090 Ti was canceled due to similar issues, but it was believed that the RTX 4090 series GPUs were functioning as intended. The full Reddit post can be found here.

burned nvidia

Reggie_gakil posted photos of the charred GPU power cable to Reddit, and expressed anger about the entire situation. Ironically, it was a Gigabyte brand GPU behind the burning power connector, the same third-party brand that led to a host of 3080 Ti failures last year. PC gamers have responded to the post offering a variety of opinions as to why the RTX 4090 GPU could be failing. Gamers have criticized both the card’s size and its power requirements, with most gamers shocked at the GPU’s $1,600 price tag. Owners of the new RTX 4090 became excited when it was announced Cyberpunk 2077 would support the new DLSS 3.0, exclusive to the 40 series cards. Now that excitement seems to have shifted to concern.

Nvidia’s own installation instructions advise against horizontally or vertically bending the 16 pin connector any closer than 35mm to the plug. Gamers have complained that the bulky power connector is difficult to manipulate, especially in smaller PC cases. Aside from some PC players getting sand instead of a new GPU, there isn’t much worse for PC gamers than a melting, smoking, or burning graphics card, especially when a flurry of new PC titles just released.

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