OpenAI confirms that it has delayed the rollout of its next-gen Voice Mode.

“We had planned to start rolling this out in alpha to a small group of ChatGPT Plus users in late June, but need one more month to reach our bar to launch,” the company tweeted.

“For example, we’re improving the model’s ability to detect and refuse certain content,” OpenAI says. “We’re also working on improving the user experience and preparing our infrastructure to scale to millions while maintaining real-time responses.”

The statement comes after Bloomberg reported that OpenAI needed more time to address “safety issues.” In its statement, OpenAI confirms that “exact [launch] timelines depend on meeting our high safety and reliability bar.” But it’s aiming to launch Voice Mode for ChatGPT Plus users in the fall after a test with a “small group” of alpha users.

Voice Mode is part of the GPT-4o model OpenAI announced last month, and it boasts a more humanlike back-and-forth experience than prior models. Voice Mode can sing, tell jokes, translate between various languages, and tell stories.

“ChatGPT’s advanced Voice Mode can understand and respond with emotions and non-verbal cues, moving us closer to real-time, natural conversations with AI. Our mission is to bring these new experiences to you thoughtfully,” OpenAI said this week.

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OpenAI also promises more details on the video- and screen-sharing capabilities it demoed at the GPT-4o reveal soon. That will let you screen-share with ChatGPT to show it what you’re working on and get help.

The Voice Mode delay comes after OpenAI removed the “Sky” voice from its existing voice feature amid complaints that it used the voice of actress Scarlett Johansson without her permission.

OpenAI Reveals Its ChatGPT AI Voice Assistant

PCMag Logo OpenAI Reveals Its ChatGPT AI Voice Assistant

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