One of the strong suits of the Apple Silicon is the insane battery life that it offers. It is also one of the benefits of using Arm-based chipsets. For those who are wondering if the Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite offers similar battery life, then you can rest assured that it does.

According to a recent battery life test conducted by the folks at PhoneBuff, they put the Microsoft Surface Laptop 7 against the Apple MacBook Pro powered by the M3 Pro chipset. The results are surprising and pretty reassuring for non-Apple computer users.

There are several things to note here. For starters, the Surface Laptop 7 features a smaller battery compared to the MacBook Pro. Secondly, the Surface Laptop 7 also has a lower resolution compared to Apple’s computer and uses a different display technology. Last but not least, both computers are using different operating systems and apps. This can play a role in determining performance and efficiency.

But long story short, the Microsoft Surface Laptop 7 actually managed to hold its own against Apple. It lasted about 7 minutes longer, which PhoneBuff notes is within the margin of error. Basically it suggests that it is on par with the Apple Silicon. What’s interesting is that during web browsing sessions, the Snapdragon X Elite seemed to use more battery.

But when it came to productivity tasks like typing out documents and spreadsheets, the battery life on the MacBook Pro seemed to take a much larger hit. This suggests that if you plan to use a Snapdragon X Elite powered laptop mostly for work, this is where it shines. In any case, battery life will vary from user to user depending on their needs. As far as holding up against the competition, the Snapdragon X Elite seems to be doing quite well.

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